Fleet Excellence

Live tracking and analytics putting your biggest asset to good use. Allowing you to concentrate on revenues over cost. DVSA Earned Recognition ready.


Technician Productivity & Efficiency. Ensure your fleet is turned around as swiftly as possible with the many tools and services on offer to check your processes are as efficient as possible.


Driver Walkaround and Compliance management including, Defect reporting, Breakdown notifications and accident management.

Maximize Your Potential

Flexible and modular Fleet Management and Maintenance software to fit any environment.

With added online and onsite training to maximize your potential.

Why Choose Us

Not only do we support your Fleet's road legality, but we also handle the Drivers and Workshop to ensure your fleet is rolling as much as you can. We also handle breakdowns and accident recording so that everyone can be informed immediately to get you back on the road.

  • Simplified Solutions

    Software that is simple to use, coupled with flexibility and ever-expanding in a fast-paced industry to ensure any new compliance is taken care of as seamlessly as possible

  • Maximize your Workflow

    With an array of training sessions available online, in-house or at your premises you can stay up-to-date with all new features and ensure all staff understands the best workflow.

  • Premiere Support & Assistance

    Our friendly and receptive support team is readily available to help you maximize your experience with our software. We operate a no ticket system, allowing you to talk directly to one of our support team in minutes.


What our software can do for you

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Modular, Flexible yet Powerful

With dozens of features, we offer a scalable package that can grow as you grow. From a small fleet that wants compliancy to a global organisation, we have a team standing by that will get you set up in no time at a price that makes sense.

Software that evolves with our industry

Working with the relevant government agencies to ensure we deliver compliance throughout the lifespan of your fleet. Bolstered with our simple user interface to ensure you never need to worry about it.

Always available, even with no internet connectivity

Our applications constantly evolve utilising the latest technologies to ensure that you can still work even when you lose your internet connection. Your remote Drivers, Workshops and Warehouses with limited connection will also still work.

Premium Training & Education

New staff members? Let us give them an in-house or an online training session to get them up to speed so you can concentrate on the job at hand. We can put together a personalised training program for any size of team.

Software For Workshops & Garages

From small garages to multilane workshops. Workshop Pro, CoWorks and RFMGo will boost your productivity.

Software For Hauliers

DVSA Earned Recognition ready. Stay compliant by maintaining your fleet to the highest standards, electronic daily walkarounds and defect reporting.

Software For Fleet Management Businesses

Supercharge your business productivity using a combination of Workshop Pro, Breakdown Manager & RFM Live.

Software For Rental Companies

From rental booking, digital damage checks and rental agreements to automatic batch invoice generation. Get things done effortlessly.

Software For Coach Operators

Easy visual booking management and invoicing for coach rentals.

Software For Production Lines

Need extremely complex job cards with dozens of tasks and technicians, just let CoWorks handle that!

Which Product?

To help us best understand your product requirement, please select what best categorises you.

Workshop Pro

Help stay DVSA compliant with Workshop Pro. You can monitor the maintenance of your fleet, keep a check on inspection, service, brakes, MOT, tacho, fridge, tail lift and road fund license renewal dates. Raise purchase orders for suppliers to carry out repairs, create job cards for your own technicians, manage parts and stock, maintenance reporting and much more.

If you are looking for a workshop system that monitors time and attendance, productivity and efficiency for your own technicians then please review CoWorks.

Now with RFM Go our new mobile tablet app.


Paperless job card system on a mobile tablet.

RFM Go is easy to use and synchronises effortlessly with Workshop Pro or CoWorks allowing your technicians to carry out takes and job cards in the workshop.

Driver Pro

Our Driver-Pro Module allows you to record driver details, such as License, Driver Complaints, Road Traffic Collisions, Speeding and Parking Fines.

Driver-Pro also has a mobile reporting application called Driver-i that allows your drivers to report daily Walkaround checks on their mobile phones. Both Driver-Pro and Driver-i seamlessly integrate with Workshop Pro to record both NIL and defect records for your vehicles.

This module is free when you subscribe to Driver-i


Driver-i is a paperless reporting system that allows drivers to report defects during their daily walkaround routine via a mobile device. Any recorded NIL or defects are stored locally on the device and are automatically synchronised with Driver & Workshop Pro, allowing easy conversion from a defect to a Purchase Order or Job Card.

Breakdown Manager

Visually locate the nearest Supplier to your customers breakdown with its intergraded MAPS function. Breakdown Manager also helps monitor breakdowns with a traffic light system to keep you updated on progress. Optional pop ups also give additional notice to operators. As with all our modules, Breakdown Manager seamlessly integrates with Workshop Pro and CoWorks.

When used with RFM Live, your customers can record breakdowns online that automatically notify you.

RFM Live

Give your customers 24/7 website access to their fleet by using RFM live. When used with Workshop Pro / CoWorks, Inspection sheets and documents attached to their vehicles will be automatically synchronized with RFM live, allowing your customers to download them immediately. RFM live will allow your customers to view their fleet, see due maintenance dates, report defects and breakdowns, run service reports and more.

Rental Pro

Rental Pro allows you to hire vehicles with ease, you can book and reserve vehicles, hire them on a daily, weekly, monthly 5 or 7 day billing cycles, in arrears or advanced. Create customer tariffs, generate rental agreements, de-hire damage letters, easy invoice generation, reporting and more.

Coach Central

Coach Central allows operators to book coaches and drivers with the ease of drag and drop. Our visual booking calendar provides an instant view of the status of your fleet, including maintenance due. Coach Central can automatically generate invoices and driver’s worksheets at the time of creating a booking. Recurring rentals are fully supported.


Monitor the activity of every job though CoWorks in real time. Create multi tasks, allocate to multiple technicians.

CoWorks has all the benefits and features of Workshop Pro, with the added bonus of an electronic technician panel, CoWorks also includes a time and attendance function that gives you technician productivity and efficiency reporting.

Technician Panel

The electronic technician panel allows technicians and staff to log on and off site, log onto jobs, select parts, log onto diverted hours and even check for available holidays.

Parts Panel

Parts panel is the simple way to allocate parts and stock items to your job cards. With its own user interface, operators can easily scan job cards and attach parts and stock items, the stock levels are automatically adjusted giving you instant stock records.

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