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Give your customers 24/7 website access to their fleet, inspection sheets and documents by using RFM live.

When used with Workshop Pro / CoWorks or Rental Pro documents such as service and inspection sheets, MOT certificates will automatically sync with RFM live, allowing your customers to download them immediately. RFM live will allow your customers to view their fleet, see due maintenance dates, report defects and breakdowns, run service reports and more.

RFM Live is completely web-based so can be accessed from any browser from any PC, tablet or phone that has Internet access.

RFM live synchronises with your RFM software and can be branded with your own corporate colour scheme with logo attachment in minutes, giving both a corporate and professional feel to the site.

You can provide your customers with a unique user ID and Password to allow them secure access to their vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can provide your customers or staff with a unique user ID and Password to allow them access to their vehicles in minutes.

Once logged in, they can view a full list of their vehicles, live defects, breakdown activity and maintenance history and dates such as service, MOT, road fund license and tail lift service etc.

Your customers can report defects or breakdown online. This will send the data direct to your RFM system automatically creating the defect or breakdown record in RFM. A pop up reminder will then notify you instantly. As a back up, our automated email system also delivers emails to your customers as confirmation and to your designated RFM operators. These can be to any mobile device with email capability, so you will always be kept informed.

Allow your customers to access documents online or via an email download link, such as service or inspection sheets, MOT certificates and more.

Because RFM live holds all the maintenance dates against your customers vehicles, your customers can generate various report including service due, MOT and road fund license reports with just a few clicks.
Let each location view your vehicles. Staff at each location can view maintenance history, service, MOT, Tacho, road fund license due dates and more. They can report defect and breakdowns via RFM live and they will automatically sync the records to your RFM system giving you immediate notification.
You can give your customers access to their fleet online. Customers will be able to see their vehicle maintenance records such as history, service, MOT, tail lift due dates and more. Customers can download service and inspection sheets, MOT documents, helping to save on phone calls, emails and paperwork.
Give your customers access to their rental vehicles online, with the ability to download documents such as inspection and service Sheets, MOT documents, V5 and Rental agreements and more. Customers can also report defects and or breakdowns via RFM Live.

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