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Paperless Inspection sheets and Job Cards on a mobile tablet, why not take your workshop with you?

RFMGo is the latest addition to our RFM family. It is easy to use and synchronises quickly and effortlessly with our Workshop Pro or CoWorks modules, allowing your technicians to carry out safety Inspections and job cards on the go. Your customers can obtain inspection sheets within minutes via email or they can choose to log on to the RFM live portal.

Whats more….if you are in a location with no internet connectivity, don’t worry you can use RFMGo off line, no internet connection needed to carry out your task!

How does it work?

RFMGo can be used on your iOS or Android tablet.

Simply log into RFMGo (once you have logged in, this is saved on your device) choose your job card from the prescheduled tasks issued from Workshop Pro or create your own ad hoc job cards and inspection sheets on the go directly from the tablet.

Technicians can carry out inspections and select parts that are synced directly from Workshop Pro. Once completed the job card and inspection data is then synchronised back, creating a pending approval task. Once this has been approved the inspection sheet is automatically attached to the vehicle in Workshop Pro and pushed immediately to your customer and RFM Live, giving your customers immediate access to their Inspection sheets via automated email or a download link.

All logged, all synchronised, all simple and effective.

Inspections With Images
Record IMAGES with your inspections.
Photo Stored Inspections

RFMGo utilises the camera functionality of modern tablets to create a stunning advantage. Defects found on an inspection can now be illustrated with an accompanying photo. Brake tests can also be accompanied by taking a photo of the printout which will automatically attach itself to the PDF version of the inspection sheet!

Giving your inspection sheets that extra edge.
Job cards also benefit from the camera, enabling before and after photos to be taken to illustrate work carried out.

Realtime Technician Availability

When paired with the CoWorks module, RFMGo enables technicians to clock onto divert hours including breaks and other activities that do not require a job card.

Whether that is driving to a breakdown, customers premises or technicians lunch breaks.
This allows you to view which technicians are available in real time.

Divert Hours - Staff Availability
View Technician Availability REAL-TIME
Stock Take Barcode Image
Parts & Stock Allocation, with integrated Barcoding
Parts Management & Barcoding

RFMGo comes with a parts & stock allocation utility to allow technicians to allocate parts direct from the stores. If enabled, the technicians also have the option to create their own stock lines if they are ordering in specialist parts not kept in stock.

Barcode Scanning making stock inventory simple

The parts management in RFMGo works hand in hand with the Parts Panel module allowing the technician to scan the barcode direct from RFMGo automatically reducing the parts from the stores.

Brake Test & Tacho recording

As you would expect from a full paperless inspection sheet solution,

Adding photos for much better QC
RFMGo allows not only Axle metrics and brake data to be recorded but also the brake test information and tacho calibration dates. The brake tests are sorted by type and once selected will show the technician the correct information that requires entry.

Tacho Paperless
Paperless Inspections, Axle Brake & Tacho (inc Pictures)


Apart from its functional excellence, RFM includes a number of indispensable features that make it a must have for any company operating a fleet of vehicles. All of the RFM modules talk to each other and share base data for the utmost ease for the user. For instance, a vehicle entry created in the Workshop module will also be available in the CoWorks, Breakdown Manager, Rental, Coach Central & Driver Pro modules and vice versa.

In addition to the internal association of modules, RFM also collaborates with third party applications like Sage Line 50 and Xero accounting packages, Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word etc. However, RFM can seamlessly integrate with other platforms and systems. The system includes a powerful reporting module which makes generating extremely complex reports a matter of a mouse-click. RFM also provides a huge reporting suite to choose from.

Mobile Device System Requirements
IOS 10 or Later
Lollipop 5.0 (Google Certified)
Disk Space
16gb Storage
Quad Core
Minimum 2GB recommended
Internet Connectivity
Wi-Fi + 3G

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