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Driver-i a digital paperless reporting app that allows drivers to report defects & damage during their daily walkaround routine via a mobile device. Any recorded NIL or defects are stored locally on the device and are automatically synchronised with Driver Pro & WorkShop Pro with email backup, allowing easy conversion from a defect to a job card.

How does it work?

Simply log into Driver-i (once you have logged in this is saved on your device) choose your vehicle and carry out your daily walkaround routine. Once completed, sign and press OK.

Your walk around data is then synchronised with your RFM system back at the office, creating a NIL walkaround check or a defect if any issue has been found. Your RFM system can then simply convert the defect into a job card or purchase order for technicians to rectify the fault.

If any damage is reported to the vehicle, this is easy visible in Driver-Pro and or Workshop Pro.

All synchronised, all simple and effective.

What does it need to work?

*Driver-i minimum subscription required, please contact us for more details.

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Apart from its functional excellence, RFM includes a number of indispensable features that make it a must have for any company operating a fleet of vehicles. All of the RFM modules talk to each other and share base data for the utmost ease for the user. For instance, a vehicle entry created in the Workshop module will also be available in the CoWorks, Breakdown Manager, Rental, Coach Central & Driver Pro modules and vice versa.

In addition to the internal association of modules, RFM also collaborates with third party applications like Sage Line 50 and Xero accounting packages, Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word etc. However, RFM can seamlessly integrate with other platforms and systems. The system includes a powerful reporting module which makes generating extremely complex reports a matter of a mouse-click. RFM also provides a huge reporting suite to choose from.

Mobile Device System Requirements
IOS 10 or Later
Lollipop 5.0 (Google Certified)
Disk Space
16gb Storage
Quad Core
Minimum 2GB recommended
Internet Connectivity
Wi-Fi + 3G

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